Confused by a Complicated Instruction Manual?

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Don't waste time fumbling through confusing instruction manuals. Instead, call the folks at Aarrst Group to handle your furniture assembly services. We understand how difficult interpreting manuals and video tutorials are. That's why we're dedicated to putting together your toughest items with ease. From bed frames to bookshelves, we'll make sure your items are assembled perfectly.

We take pride in delivering furniture assembly services for residential and commercial properties in Grand Rapids, MI. Call now to schedule your appointment.

Why should you hire a professional to assemble your furniture?

Why should you hire a professional to assemble your furniture?

You have a lot on your plate as a business owner. Instead of wasting time trying to assemble your desks and shelves, let the professionals of Aarrst Group handle this time-consuming task. We're proud to offer commercial furniture assembly services to business owners in Grand Rapids, MI. Hiring a professional team to handle these services is smart because:

  • We understand how to perfectly piece items together
  • It saves time, money and energy
  • All items are guaranteed to last

When you let us handle your furniture assembly, you'll never have to worry about falling out of your chair or bookshelves collapsing suddenly.

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